Welcome to Special Needs Ohio (Launching Friday, April 7th)

Welcome to Special Needs Ohio. My name is Rob Gorski, and you may know me from The Autism Dad blog and podcast. I’ve devoted the last two decades of my life to raising awareness, supporting parents, and advocating for my three amazing kids, who happen to be autistic. It’s been a long journey, and their needs have changed as my kids get older.

I’ve gone from IEPs, OT, PT, and Speech to helping my kids navigate their teenage and early adult years.

Recently, I have been helping my oldest son navigate the transition to adulthood. It’s an overwhelming and sometimes frustrating endeavor that so many Ohio families face now. Even with my two decades of special needs parenting, it’s an arduous journey. So many Ohio families face the same struggles, and there isn’t a great deal of direction to help them find a path forward.

I recognize how hard it can be for special needs families in Ohio to connect with services, support, resources, and even each other. Community is so important, and it truly does take a village, especially when raising a child with a disability. We’ve created this website, along with the Special Needs Ohio podcast, to be a platform that helps address these unmet needs by providing vital information to families, as well as connecting them with resources, services, and support.

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